History of the Chemistry Cubes

The first version of the Chemistry Cube Games was developed in 2010.  It consisted of 9 different cubes representing different acids and bases, their species and precursors. Besides the speciation also the origin of these substances as well as different equilibria and phase transitions were included on the cubes.


The students said, that playing with the cubes was fun and some of the games were really helpful to understand the origin and the fate of different air pollutants and their acids and bases.


During winter 2016/2017  six new cubes were added to a total of 15 cubes. They represent different metals and their cations as well as non-metals and their anions. New games about salts, redox- and environmental chemistry were developed so that a total of 15 different games are now available.



Markus Müller
Markus Müller

Students can explore chemistry by playing with the cubes

From Prototypes to the new Chemistry Cubes


The Chemistry Cubes were developed together with a graphic designer and a company in South Germany. Production started in March 2017. The cubes now consist of a thick carton that has been printed, laminated, grooved, punched, folded and glued on one side. Before the first use, the bottom and the cover of the cubes have to be folded and stick together. As the side lashes click into place, the cubes should not be opened again, otherwise the lashes may break.