Student Box containing 16 cubes (Gift Box)

Content of School Box L with 204 cubes

*  The game instructions  as well as the storage boxes and the Student Box are not part of the delivery. They can be downloaded or ordered separately.

Products and Pricelist

Products   Prices in CHF *  **  (August 2018)
Student Box containing 16 cubes         25
Student Box empty (for storage of 16 cubes)  12 Stk          60 (on request)

School Box L with 204 cubes

(Set for half a class containing 12 x 16  plus 12 white cubes)*


School Box XL mit 408 Cubes

(Set for a class containing 24 x 16 farbige + 24 white cubes)*


Present-Box containing 16 Cubes plus an additional gift ...

(z.B. .... Pralinés, chocolate, defined by customer)

      on request
Workshop (3 h) instruction of teachers using the  Chemistry Cube Game        250 plus travel expenses
*discounts for group orders  of 5 or more boxes can be asked for        on request
**Shipping charges are not included in the prices  
Spielanleitungen (D, F, E, I ...) stehen online zur Verfügung  


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